Customized Stocking Program Procedure

  • Receive materials from various mills and suppliers
  • Perform visual inspection on incoming stock
  • Preliminary review of documentation for incoming stock
  • Maintain traceability of material through marking, labeling, and PC entry
  • Stock material, on-site, on bar racks and pallet racks
  • Perform weekly inventory cycle counts
  • Pull and ship material, as required, to your suppliers
  • Maintain certifications on-site
  • Cut material on-site, as required
  • Enter data into our secure ERP system
  • Maintain customer-furnished equipment
  • Perform any necessary processes, individually label and stock in wood export crates
  • Prepare documentation and material for international shipments
  • Prepare documentation and material for domestic shipments
  • Work closely with established suppliers:
    a. To ensure timely deliveries
    b. Resolve issues that may arise
    c. Verify proper documentation is received
  • Communicate effectively to:
    a. Correct problems that may arise
    b. Process rush orders
    c. Correct documentation errors
    d. Correct inventory levels
  • Deliver parts on time