Universal Metals understands the complicated needs of material management within our demanding industry and we are here to help facilitate and execute a strategy to make your business more efficient. We provide total inventory management – releasing our customers of the need to hold stock and thereby greatly increasing their efficiency. Our 50,000 square foot facility provides more than adequate capacity for storage and handling of large materials on dedicated racking in a secured area, free from co-mingling. During the materials management meetings, our team will work closely with you and your project managers to determine your specific needs as well as to generate a process that ensures a streamlined and effective flow of materials for “Just-In-Time” management. Our clients have been thrilled with the time and money they have saved by proactively determining their future metal supply needs.

Mills – Rock Solid Relationships

Universal Metals maintains an extensive and well-balanced inventory of aerospace and aircraft grade materials that are brought in machined to mill tolerances, with incoming stock orders placed as far as 12 months out. We have taken a more specialized approach by stocking less grades and more sizes. Our long-standing relationships with the following major U.S. mills ensures that we remain competitive.

  • Universal Stainless & Alloy Products
  • Latrobe / Carpenter
  • Patriot Special Metals
  • Dunkirk Specialty Steel
  • Ellwood Quality Steels
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • Patriot Forge
  • Valbruna

Case Study

A key example of how we’ve been able to strategically partner with a client for materials management is with a prime aerospace contractor. Since March of 2007, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure a streamlined supply of metal for their diverse and fast-paced production needs. Universal Metals works with our client’s project teams to coordinate the daily transfer of material and parts, process orders and have their metal ready for them at the precise time they need it. This partnership has provided peace of mind, knowing that materials are going to be in-house when and where needed. All of this is provided at a single cost-effective solution which allows them to remain highly efficient at what they do best, produce WORLD CLASS PARTS.

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