Custom 465 is a stainless steel produced by Carpenter Specialty Alloys. Also known as alloy 465, it is a premium quality, high strength, age-hardening stainless alloy designed for improved notch tensile strength, fracture toughness and fabricability. Alloy 465 is capable of ultimate tensile strength in excess of 250 ksi in the overaged (H 950) condition. By overaging Alloy 465 to the H1000 condition, Alloy 465 obtains a superior combination of strength, toughness and stress corrosion cracking. Stress Corrosion cracking resistance of this alloy in the H 1000 condition is comparable to CarTech 13-8 stainless in the H 1050 condition.

Common applications include medical instruments, small turbine engine shafts, fasteners, aircraft actuators, sporting equipment and hand guns.




CUSTOM 465 Grade Chemistry
C P Si Ni Ti Mn S Cr Mo Fe
MIN 10.75 1.50 11.00 0.75
MAX 0.02 0.015 0.25 11.25 2.50 0.25 0.010 12.50 1.25 Balance



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